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Apple AirTags (released April 30, 2021) are small circular devices used to track your items, they are around the size of a Quarter in Width, but just a little bit thicker. They also require an accessory to be able to attach to your keys, bag, luggage, but can easily be thrown into a small pocket.

Precision Finding

Precision Finding is a feature exclusive to iPhone 11 or Higher, and allows users to follow directions on screen to aid in finding the device, including a estimate on distance – and an on-screen arrow to help guide if close enough.

How does it work?

As long as an Apple AirTag is within range of another Apple Device with Bluetooth Enabled & Cellular/Internet Connectivity you will be given an update to the location of the AirTag, this information is anonymous and you won’t be able to see who/what device it pinged off of.

Video by AirTagAlex –
Video by AirTagAlex –

Safety & Security

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